Invisible Braces For Adults

Invisalign clear braces in Reston VA with Dr. DattaOne of the most common questions adult patients ask dentists is whether it’s too late to straighten their teeth. While many major alignment problems are treated with braces in adolescence, it is certainly possible to straighten teeth as an adult! Many adults prefer invisible braces to straighten their teeth discreetly and comfortably while maintaining their normal lifestyle.

Dr. Datta Malyavantham’s Ridgetop Dental team in Sterling, VA offers Invisalign to help patients restore confidence in their smile and achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

What Are Invisible Braces?

Invisalign offers a discreet way to achieve a new smile for both adults and teens. The system will gently reposition your teeth in a little over a year with little impact on your daily activities.

Patients can still enjoy their favorite foods and maintain good oral hygiene with Invisalign. The aligners are designed to be worn for about 22 hours a day and won’t irritate the gums or sensitive areas of the mouth. The aligners are easy to remove when necessary to clean teeth or when it’s time to swap them out based on your treatment plan.

Am I Too Old For Invisalign?

Teeth can still be aligned even in adulthood. Adults can still benefit from metal braces, but Invisalign offers a more discreet way to treat mild to moderate orthodontic issues. It can also help restore alignment after previous orthodontic work. Invisalign can also treat overbite, underbite, and tooth spacing problems.

Why Should I Straighten My Teeth with Invisible Braces?

In addition to the cosmetic effects on your smile, having crooked teeth puts you at a higher risk of gum disease. A misaligned jaw can change the stability of your bite, causing the teeth to wear unevenly. Crooked teeth are also more difficult to clean, leading to plaque buildup and possible tooth decay. Straighter teeth give you the best chance of preventing gum disease.

Invisalign For Adults in Sterling, VA

You can feel confident when you smile and enjoy your normal routine with Invisalign. Schedule a free individual cosmetic consultation online or call our office at (703) 520-7410 to create your treatment plan and discuss your goals.

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