COVID-19 and Oral Health

In these difficult times, it can be easy to let dental health go out the window. In times of stress, however, proper oral healthcare is more important than ever. Not only could the current business restrictions cause a break in important routine healthcare, but stress can itself cause a host of dental problems. With some extra attention, however, you should be able to come out of the COVID-19 outbreak with healthier teeth than ever before.

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Oral Health Problems Linked to Stress

There are multiple oral health issues that can come up when patients are under stress:

Mouth Sores: Canker or cold sores are often caused by emotional stress. They can also cause pain and feel uncomfortable for patients.

TMJ: Temporomandibular joint disorders can be caused by stress. Clenching and grinding teeth in stressful situations and at night can cause headaches, tooth damage, jaw pain, and other symptoms.

Poor Oral Hygiene and Diet: Patients who are stressed may not be giving themselves the time to brush teeth or floss regularly. In addition, a poor diet resulting from stress can cause a lack of vitamins and nutrients. These vitamins and nutrients not only benefit your physical health but your oral health as well.

Gum Disease: Being under stress can affect your immune system and can cause damage to your gums. Periodontitis, or gum disease, is an oral health problem that can cause gum recession and even tooth loss.

Dry mouth: A lack of saliva in your mouth can cause dry mouth. Saliva has many oral health benefits as it washes away food particles from your teeth and gums.

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