Should I Get Six Month Smiles?

In this day and age, people look for various alternatives to traditional metal braces when they want a straighter smile. Six Month Smiles is a discreet system that gives you the smile you want in a short amount of time. Dr. Datta, a Sterling, VA dentist describes Six Month Smiles so you can see if they’re the right tooth straightening choice for in sterling, va

What is Six Month Smiles?

The Six Month Smiles system uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to straighten crooked teeth. One of the many problems people, particularly adults, have with traditional metal braces is that they’re conspicuous and unflattering. Six Month Smiles offers a discreet solution to this problem.

In addition, traditional braces can be expensive and treatment often can take at least a year. Traditional braces also require an orthodontist visit once a month so that wires can be tightened. This is a large commitment for an adult to do for a year or multiple. Braces also require dietary restrictions and ramped up oral care routines to ensure tooth decay doesn’t occur.

Is Six Month Smiles Right for Me?

Six Month Smiles offers a shorter treatment time than other methods because it focuses on straightening teeth that are in what’s considered the “smile zone”. This is considered the teeth that are shown when you smile, mainly in the front. Crooked teeth here are often what makes people more insecure.

Six Month Smiles can also be a good idea for people that are experiencing orthodontic relapse. This can occur over time if you don’t wear your retainer or follow aftercare instructions correctly following orthodontic treatment. Six Month Smiles is a good option for mild or moderate orthodontic treatment such as this. It helps get your bite back where it’s supposed to be.

Why Should I Straighten Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue. They can have serious impacts on your oral health. First, crooked teeth are often pushed together in odd ways, making it harder to clean in between them. These areas are magnets for tooth decay.

Crooked teeth also don’t come together in an even bite like they’re supposed to. This can lead to issues with your teeth getting damaged because the pressure of your bite isn’t evenly distributed. A jawbone or bite that’s misaligned can also lead to problems like TMJ disorders, causing pain in the jaw, head, and face.

The Six Month Smiles Process

First, a consultation will be had to determine your goals. We’ll use digital photography to analyze your bite and see where it’s currently at. It’s important to make sure that Six Month Smiles will be a proper treatment option to get you the smile you want. Dental impressions are taken to create a custom braces system for you.

Dr. Datta will be able to attach the clear brackets and wires right in our office. Like with traditional braces, you will have to have regular appointments to make sure your treatment is progressing properly. Once the braces are removed in about six months, Dr. Datta will recommend a retainer to ensure your smile stays in position.

Six Month Smiles at Your Sterling, Virginia Dentist

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