All On Four® Dental ImplantsSterling, VA

All-On-Four® An Overview

The All-On-Four® dental implant procedure is a solution for replacing all missing teeth. The All On Four® method can be used to replace a full arch of missing teeth in as little as one visit to our Northern, VA dentist offices. As few as four dental implants are strategically placed in the jaw to permanently secure a hybrid denture. All-On-Four® is designed to optimize patient’s bone structure and provide a more stable alternative to traditional dentures.

All-on-four dental implants in Sterling VA for missing teethThis restorative technique makes it possible for qualifying patients to have teeth extracted, implants placed, and a temporary restoration secured all at one time! This is made possible through extensive advanced treatment planning. Dr. Datta utilizes state of the art technology such as CT scans, digital x-rays and 3-D imaging to plan the All-On-Four® procedure.

Dr. Datta Malyavantham is a leading Northern Virginia general dentist with advanced training in the field of implant dentistry. We offer full-service dental implants in Sterling, VA. Dr. Datta uses advanced diagnostics and the highest standard of materials for your restorations. We guarantee long-term oral health benefits after the implant treatment.

Dr. Datta preformed some major dental work for me including an implant for a bottom molar. I would recommend him for any major dental work and cosmetic dentistry as he is one of the best dentists around and that includes…Gary H.

All-On-Four® What to Expect

Our dental care team will handle all phases of your All On Four® treatment plan.

  • Treatment Planning- Treatment planning for All On Four® is essential for the success of the procedure. Dr. Datta utilizes high-resolution 3-D imaging to analyze the health and density of the bone and soft tissue structure. The bone analysis will determine where and how the implants will be placed. Strategic placement and precise alignment is what makes All On Four® possible. All On Four® implant posts are positioned in such a way that they utilize the maximum amount of pre-existing healthy bone tissue for the best likely outcome. For some patients, the use of All On Four® may eliminate the need for bone grafting.
  • Surgical Implant Placement- Dr. Datta will perform the surgical placement and secure a temporary denture in just one visit to our Reston or Sterling, VA dentist office. The temporary denture is worn for about 3-5 months while the implants heal and begin to integrate with the bone.
  • Final Restoration- After the bone and soft tissues have healed, and the implants are stable, Dr. Datta will begin the design process for your permanent denture. The denture is designed using high-quality dental porcelain. The denture is custom fabricated to look and function like natural teeth and will be secured to your implants for a stable bite.

Case Study: All on 4/Teeth in a day: R. Diaz

Rick Before all-on-four dental implants in Sterling VA Rick Before and After

CBCT Planning+ Guided Surgery+ Preplanning for Fixed teeth same day.

Teeth in a Day:

  • Extraction of failing Top teeth
  • Bone graft + 4 implants and immediately fixed temporary acrylic denture.
  • Treatment completed under sedation.
  • Patient able to walk out with fixed teeth.

Post Healing( 3 months):

  • Permanent Fixed Zirconia Ceramic hybrid denture.

Patient Testimonial:

How do you like the look of your smile now that your dental implants have been placed?

I love my new look. I enjoy smiling once again. I use to smile behind my hand. Now I display my smile proudly.

How many how has your opinion about your smile are the condition of your mouth, change because of the dental implants?

I have become a huge fan of implants! “they have definitely changed my life for the better”

Please share your thoughts about the quality of work done as well as the quality of the dental implants.

“The quality of work performed…is exceptional!
The process is explained fully for a complete understanding of what is involved and the cost incurred
The staff is superb! and the end result—— Priceless.

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Complimentary Implant Consultations

Dr. Datta offers complimentary dental implant consultations in our Sterling and Reston dentist offices. This provides patients with the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of replacing their missing teeth with dental implants. To schedule your appointment, request an appointment online or call one of our two Northern VA office locations:

  • Sterling: (703) 444-9900
  • Reston: (571) 616-9685

All-On-Four® FAQs

Am I a good candidate for All-On-Four?

Many patients with a full arch of missing teeth will qualify for All-On-Four. Patients will undergo a comprehensive oral health exam and bone analysis to determine if All-on-Four is the appropriate implant treatment option for them.

How can I replace a full arch of missing teeth?

Patients missing a full arch of teeth have options for replacing their teeth. All-on-4 is a replacement option that uses 4 implants and precise pretreatment planning to optimize bone tissue. They are used to secure a denture in place, replacing a the full arch of missing teeth. Patients with more stable bone structure may also choose from a variety of full arch dental implant options.

Complimentary Dental Consultation