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custom sports mouth guard northern va Mouthguards can serve several key purposes for the active patient, protecting the teeth and gums while also enhancing athletic performance on the field. Ridgetop Dental offers maximum protection with custom fit mouthguards for sports that can be worn for a wide range of activities from full contact sports such as football to limited contact sports such as soccer and athletic training. They are also the perfect way to prevent tooth loss from an accident when skiing, skating or biking.

Many parents will spend a lot of money on sports equipment, shoes, and clothing but will fall short when it comes to protecting their child’s teeth. We offer sports mouthguards for children as well as adults, encouraging all athletes to have one on hand and consider a vital part of their athletic wear or uniform. They are available in an assortment of colors to represent your school or team and make them fun to wear. The dentists at Ridgetop Dental believe these are well worth the cost considering dental treatment costs could be thousands of dollars for sport injuries to the mouth and teeth.

The process for a custom fit sports mouthguard is simple and painless, lasting about 20 minutes. Dental impressions will be taken and used to create an appliance that will fit snugly over your teeth, and other dental appliances such as braces. Your custom appliance will be ready in about 10 days. Custom mouthguards provide the most comfortable fit and best protection.

Benefits of A Custom Sports Mouthguard

Your custom mouthguard will offer protection far superior to over the counter options and increase your strength and endurance with a secure and stable fit that does not zap your energy by requiring you to bite down constantly to keep it in place. When you clench your jaw during play or athletic activities, your body also releases hormones such as cortisol which decreases your ability to perform at your full potential. Jaw clenching also put stress on the joints of the jaw and can lead to TMJ bite problems down the road.

When you are not losing excess energy to clenching your jaw so that your mouthguard does not fall out, your body is able to absorb oxygen at a faster rate, leading to improved stamina and performance ability in whatever you are doing. You are also able to drink fluids without having to remove your mouthguard for quick rehydration on and off the field. This is especially important for younger athletes who may resist wearing a poor fitting mouthguard or forget to put it back in after consuming fluids.

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