Digital Smile Design Sterling, VA

Ridgetop Dental in Northern Virginia offers patients the ability to improve the appearance of their smile with advanced technology that will take into consideration all aspects of their facial aesthetics. Dr. Datta works one on one with patients, using videography, photography and CAD/CAM technology to plan and implement a personalized smile makeover.

digital smile design in Sterling VA with Dr. Datta Malyavantham

Digital Imaging: Analysis and Planning

The use of digital images and videography of your smile in motion is central to the planning of your smile makeover using Digital Smile Design (DSD). Providing both analytics for treatment planning and the tools for creating customized restorations, digital images support CAD/CAM technology for more predictable, accurate results. In basic terms, the effective use of digital technology enables Dr. Datta to “get it right the first time” and to deliver treatment that is both beautiful and lasting.

Dr. Datta will take video of your smile “in motion” for use in designing mockups and final restorations that will fit both your appearance and the natural movement of your lips and jaw. This is part of what makes Digital Smile Design a more comprehensive tool for meeting your cosmetic goals and supporting overall dental health.

Mock-Ups: Visualize the Future

The next phase of treatment is the creation of a mockup that will provide a 3-D visual representation of your new smile and the opportunity to “try on” your new look. The mockup helps both patient and dentist experiment with fit, function, and aesthetics prior to the final placement of a dental restoration or other dental treatment being used to achieve your goals.

Mockups also provide a foundation for making any adjustments that will improve your outcome and can be incorporated into the planning and fabrication of your final restoration. The Digital Smile Design process fosters collaboration between patients and Dr. Datta, a key element for a successful smile makeover.

Complimentary Consultation for Digital Smile Design

Dr. Datta offers a complimentary consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals and learn more about the Digital Smile Design process we offer in our two Northern VA dentist office locations. To schedule your consult in either our Sterling or Reston office location, contact us or request a consultation online.

Complimentary Dental Consultation