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Ridgetop Dental is a state of the art family dental practice, serving Northern Virginia with convenient locations in Sterling and Reston. Led by Dr. Datta Malyavantham, our associates and staff provide the highest standard of dental care using advanced technology. Laser dentistry enhances our ability to treat the soft tissues of the mouth with greater accuracy, less discomfort and no downtime.

Since its inception, laser dentistry has been allowing dentists to offer less invasive, more precise, and comfortable oral care treatments to patients. And did we mention

At Ridgetop Dental, we use dental lasers to provide gum contouring and periodontal disease treatments. Utilizing this incredible advance in dental technology has eliminated the need for oral surgery making treatment more accessible. While not completely painless, laser dentistry significantly lowers the amount of pain a patient will be in during a procedure. It may make your gums feel warm underneath and cause a slight tingling sensation which is temporary.

The heat generated during your laser procedure helps to stimulate the natural healing response and cauterizes tissue as it treats it, significantly reducing bleeding and swelling. This will lead to a more pleasant and faster recovery.

How Laser Dentistry Works

A dental laser is a fine-tuned, hand held instrument that delivers a beam of high intensity light. The beam is very narrow and precise so it guarantees to only come in contact with the affected area leaving the healthy surrounding area untouched. This also makes it easier to control so that the depth and cut are kept at an absolute minimum. Your treatment will be fast, predictable and easily controlled by your Northern Virginia dentist.

Benefits of laser dentistry

When you compare laser dentistry to traditional oral surgery, the benefits are amazing and vast. The greatest benefit is the reduction in the amount of pain a patient will be in during and after the procedure. Pain is one of the main reasons people suffer from dental anxiety. Patients who experience fear of the dentist often enjoy laser dentistry. It is virtually painless and requires no drills. In addition, the nature of the laser actually promotes healing and stimulates the body’s natural ability to regenerate healthy tissues.

  • Minimal bleeding
  • Often no need for anesthesia
  • Precise treatment for better aesthetics
  • No downtime
  • No need for sutures

If you are a candidate for a laser procedure, Dr. Datta will explain all aspects of the treatment and expected recovery. Dental lasers can enable patients with anxiety and fear related to dentistry to receive the care they need without having to endure the drill, sutures and other common stressors. In many cases, patients can tolerate their laser treatment without the need for anesthesia, making post treatment recovery even easier.

Laser Dentistry FAQs

What are the most common laser dentistry procedures?

Soft tissue procedures are most common in laser dentistry. Laser dentistry can be used for hard tissue and soft tissue. Hard tissue procedures involve teeth, such as cavity detection and fillings. Soft tissue involves the gums and is used to treat periodontal diseases.

Is there less pain involved with laser procedures?

Yes, there is less pain involved when operations are performed using a laser. Typically patients who undergo laser treatment report less pain and swelling than patients from more abrasive ways of undergoing treatment. The laser allows for precise focus so that it is easier for dentists to hit the specific area so no nerves are touched, causing no pain.

How is laser dentistry used for cavities?

Lasers can be used to detect and help fill cavities. Using a laser beam allows for dentists to detect exactly where your cavity is, and fix it with extreme precision and accuracy. Laser treatment allows dentists to fix your cavity without using a drill and harming excess areas of the tooth.

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