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Led by Dr. Datta Malyavantham, Ridgetop Dental serves patients from many Northern Virginia communities in two convenient locations, Reston and Sterling. Dr. Datta and his associates provide personalized dental care for patients of all ages, focused on the specific needs of each patient and long term results.

Dentistry For Life in Sterling

Dr. Datta, Dr. Sensenbrenner and Dr. Shaw are committed to helping you achieve a smile that is not only healthy, but functional and beautiful- one that you look forward to sharing in both social and professional interactions. We offer a wide range of dental services to meet your needs, including sedation dentistry for a relaxed experience in our Sterling and Reston dentist offices.

Highly trained and dedicated to improving your patient experience with continuing education, Dr. Datta can address dental concerns ranging from the common to the complex. He offers full services for the placement of all types of dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth.

Ridgetop Dental offers personalized Smile Design to help you achieve a smile makeover as unique as your natural smile. Dr. Datta and his associates use advanced technology, high quality materials and the latest techniques to enhance the aesthetics of your smile while also improving your dental health. Whether you desire a whiter, straighter or more comfortable smile, we can meet your needs and your expectations with cosmetic dentistry tailored to you.

The Importance of Routine Dental Care

Visiting one of our convenient dentist offices every six months is the best way to prevent dental problems from developing. At every appointment, you will be screened for signs of decay, instability, and disease. Prevention is the key to lifelong dental health! If you do happen to develop a dental problem, it is important for your dentist to find it early. Addressing issues in the beginning stages allows Dr. Datta to recommend the most conservative treatments, preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible. If left untreated, issues such as tooth cavities and gum disease will progress leading to even more issues such as bone deterioration and even tooth loss. Receiving a thorough teeth cleaning and dental examination two times a year will help avoid these costly and time consuming issues. Dr. Datta recommends scheduling your dentist appointments every six months to ensure optimal oral health. Ridgetop Dental offers many general dentistry treatments and services including:

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Ridgetop Dental welcomes new patients of all ages, including anyone who is suffering with poor oral health as a result of dental anxiety and fear. Dr. Datta and his staff are dedicated to helping you feel calm and comfortable in our state of the art dentist offices. We offer sedation dentistry and work with you on an individual basis to find the right solution to your anxiety and fear, enabling you to get back a healthy, functional smile.

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