Root Canal Reston VA

Root Canal Reston VA An Overview

Ridgetop Dental offers root canals in our Reston, VA dentist office. Root canals are a conservative alternative to tooth extraction. Root canals can effectively remove tooth decay without compromising the integrity of the jaw or bite. Due to advancements in dentistry, the root canal process has become less painful and intrusive. Root canals can often be completed in just a single visit to our Reston, VA dentist office.

The Ridgetop Dental team will work with our patients to ensure their optimal comfort during treatment. We believe that patient education can help relax patients and allow them to feel more confident in their oral health decisions. We also offer sedation dentistry options for patients with dental anxiety including nitrous oxide. Sedation dentistry can help patients remain alert, but totally relaxed while receiving their root canal.

Excellent experience at Ridgetop Dental!! Receptionists are super friendly and helpful and the Dental hygienists and Dentists are outstanding. My kids and I were very happy, comfortable and pleased with the care and the experience! Highly recommend both locations!Deanna B
I have very high anxiety just thinking about going to the dentist, Dr. Datta was excellent and put me right at ease at the start of my appointment. A couple weeks ago I also saw Dr. Diana, she was very…Robert J.
Best dental care I have ever received. Communicated and followed through with exactly as what to expect and called me day after and consistent follow ups. Most importantly the doctors took time to make me feel calm- reassuring trust in…Sarah W.

Root Canal Reston VA What to Expect

Ridgetop Dental performs root canals in our family friendly dentist offices in Reston, VA. Dr. Datta, Dr. Sensenbrenner or Dr. Shaw will go over all aspects of the root canal procedure with you and discuss options for anesthesia to ensure you are completely comfortable.

With the use of local anesthetic, the infected tooth and the surrounding area will be numbed for optimal comfort. The procedure is generally similar to a tooth extraction and patients are surprised at how comfortable they are.

Once the patient is comfortable and numb, Dr. Datta, Dr. Sensenbrenner or Dr. Shaw will make a small hole in the back side of the tooth. Then, the infected pulp will be scraped out of the interior of the tooth. The tooth is then cleaned and filled with a composite material to stabilize the structure of the tooth.

To strengthen the tooth after root canal therapy, Dr. Datta, Dr. Sensenbrenner or Dr. Shaw often recommends the placement of a dental crown to help support the structure of your tooth. Custom fit and color matched to your natural teeth, a dental crown fits around the tooth like a cap and will support the long term health of your tooth.

While root canals have a painful reputation, most patients actually experience pain caused by the infection, not the actual root canal procedure. Many patients even enjoy pain relief after the infection is removed, cleaned and sealed. Most patients report that their root canal was no more uncomfortable than a dental filling.

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